Horizon Lanka Pre-School

Asha teaching pre-school kids

Horizon Lanka Pre-school was started in January 2006 with the less facilities and initially there were 28 kids and this strength hails since then to hitherto equally. Mrs. Soma Sooriyage is the Head Mistress and I assist her in teaching the kids and in addition to it, I do western music and since I possess a thick experience in western music, it is a very good opportunity for the kids to improve their singing ability at their childhood itself. In comparison to the pre-schools in the town area and the other pre-schools in the village, Horizon Lanka pre-school has less facilities but this was started with an aim to provide the children facilities available in the town areas. The parents also dedicate their time for this pre-school since they expect a good education from this.

Basically we aim the kids towards the developing of mussels, mathematical concepts, language ability improvement, knowledge of environment, improvement of self-confidence etc. We do singing, playing games and through these, we turn the kids towards the aforesaid concept and abilities. We hold the annual celebrations calling into play the characters pertain to the rural activities and through this celebration we turn the kids towards knowledge about the rural behaviors.

But, I have to mention that these kids available a peculiar subject in this pre-school and that is using of computers at their childhood and this facility is not available sometimes in the pre-schools in town areas. Through this programme, at their first step, the kids get the improvement of conducting the mouse to draw arts and how to make a letter in computer and how to operate computers. This is a special availability in this pre-school and due to this usage of computers; they get the basic awareness by operating computers and drawing arts etc. Through this, the kids get a certain familiarity for the computers and through their continuous using of computers; they develop certain ability step by step at their childhood itself.

Asha K Gunasekara, Assistant Teacher, Pre-School of Horizon Lanka Academy

E-mail – asha@horizonlanka.org.


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  1. October 7, 2007 at 11:17 am

    Good Horizon lanka school I wish you

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