Action Plan of Horizon Lanka Academy for the Year 2008


* To ensure a smooth year of academic work at Horizon Lanka Academy without being hindered by activities of Horizon Lanka Foundation, the mother organization.

* To enable the grade 11 students to register good results at the G. C. E. O/L 2007.

* To mould a group of about twenty students who will excel all others in English, ICT, presentation skills, etc.

* To ensure that all sports activities and other special and other co-curricular and extracurricular activities are held as scheduled.

* To try out e-learning via MESH network.


The following activities have been scheduled for 2008

* To hand over ICT education to a reputed ICT teaching institute to enable the students and the youth in the area to follow standard ICT courses and get a quality ICT education with a globally accepted certificate.

* Introduction of the new ICT syllabus which caters to both the ICDL and the GCE (O/L) Information and Communication Technology syllabuses.

* Hiring qualified instructors to handle this section.

* Conducting tests on completion of each unit of the above syllabus.

English Language

The following activities are scheduled for the year 2008

* To implement the two syllabuses: primary syllabus and the secondary syllabus

* To involve the students in more online lessons to improve their grammar knowledge

* To implement the e-mentoring project effectively for a selected number of students.

* To conduct special night classes for a selected number of students in order improve their presentational skills

* To conduct periodical evaluation programs to identify the progress of the students.

* To use multimedia lab effectively to improve the English speaking skills of students.

* Recruiting two permanent English teachers

* Finding a suitable computer program to conduct evening lessons via the mesh Internet network.


* Pre-school will run methodically under experienced Mrs. Soma Sooriyage
* Children will be given basic ICT skills
* Multimedia driven education will be encouraged
* Activity driven education will be encouraged


* Forming teams for the following games and continuing practices leading to tournaments during the year. .





* Training the students in the following indoor games leading to an indoor tournament in December



* Giving an awareness of the rules of all the above games
* Hiring coaches for the  above games

Martial Arts (Karate)

The following activities have been planned for 2007

* A short-term training programme under a national instructor
* A short-term training under an international instructor
* Referring the players to recognized Karate tournaments.

Recruitment of Students

New admissions will be entertained from January onwards. Students will be admitted only after a screening interview following a formal application


Scholarships for students will be considered only after six months of probation at Horizon Lanka Academy. Depending on the satisfactory performance of the students in both academic and extra-curricular activities the authorities will prepare a hierarchical list of students and seek the help of donors to fund scholarships. Those who are willing to provide scholarships can do so through Global Giving website’s dedicated link to Horizon Lanka.

Teacher Salaries

The following teacher salaries should be recovered for the year 2008

1. Montessori Teacher   (Full Time)        10,000 LKR X 12 = 120,000 LKR
2. English Teacher 1       (Full Time)      20,000 LKR X 12 = 240,000 LKR
3. English Teacher 2       (Full Time)      20,000 LKR X 12 = 240,000 LKR

If anyone can sponsor any of these teachers, please communicate with us through or can directly contribute through your credit card via Global Giving website’s dedicated link to Horizon Lanka.



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