“e-Mentoring” Horizon Lanka students

Horizon Lanka students want to learn perfect English. This is becoming a reality because Horizon Lanka decided to revive e-Mentors Project which it started sometime back under the guidance of  Mr. Lionel Balasariya of USA. Mr. Balasuriya helped us to find some e-mentors. Now some of the students have e-mentors. We need more e-mentors and hope those who have good English skills will volunteer to become an e-mentor for Horizon Lanka students.

The students write essays or posts for their blogs in English. With their friends, they try to correct the English as much as possible. Next, they will email the essay or blog postings to their respective e-mentors as MS Word files. The e-mentors can correct the grammatical errors and language patterns of the essays and send students their comments and corrections. Using “Track Changes” feature in MS Word will be ideal for this. The students are able to see the mistakes they made on the corrected essay or story. This program helps build the children’s knowledge of English very effectively.

In this program our students, as well as improving their English, can learn more about the foreign countries where the majority of the e-mentors live. This project has developed  students’ English and communication skills extremely well. Diaspora and the foreign professionals can help improve the students’ English skills. Those who are prefer to become an e-mentor please contact info@horizonlanka.org.


1 Comment

  1. Solarion said,

    January 22, 2008 at 5:36 pm

    Hello Horizon Lanka,
    It will be my pleasure to help some students. Please contact me via sol_arion at yahoo.com (also given in this comment). Please also provide further information that I need to follow.

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