Student Guidelines for e-mentoring

1.    An e-mentor is a precious gift. Use them productively!
2.    Once you have been assigned an e-mentor, you will be contacted by a staff member of Horizon Lanka Academy who will give your e-mentor’s details including their email address.
3.    The first email to an e-mentor should include a short introduction on yourself as your first essay.
4.    At least 1 essay should be sent per week.
5.    All emails should be cc’ed to which will be checked by a staff member.
6.    Your essays can be about anything you choose (except politics, gender, religion or asking favors):- your family, your school, the village, Horizon Lanka or things you did this week. Write about things you know.
7.    Older students Grade 10+ may prefer to write “Make Believe” stories, which are always interesting for your e-mentors to read. Poetry is also a different way of practicing your English. Letters for business and pleasure are also a good way to improve your English.
8.    Essays should aim to be minimum 20 lines long for Grades 9+.  For younger students, 5-10 lines will be accepted.  The more your English improves the longer your essays will become.
9.    Before submitting an essay to your e-mentor, ask a friend or classmate to check it with you. This will ease e-mentor’s job.
10.    All corrected essays will be returned to you by the e-mentor and a copy will be sent to
11.    Please read your E-mentors comments and corrections carefully. Make sure that you understand your mistakes. If you do not understand, please ask a teacher or the e-mentor to explain. Also, sit with the friend who checked it with you and make sure they understand the mistakes also.
12.    Learn from your mistakes. Do not repeat the mistake. This makes an e-mentor unhappy. Horizon Lanka will be following your progress and hopes that you will be improving with every essay.

13. Refrain from sending unnecessary attachments, chain mails to your e-mentor. Respect the e-mentor’s identity and do not divulge his/her email ID to anyone else other than the assigned staff member.

14. Do not divulge your date of birth, etc. which hints that you expect a birthday gift. If the e-mentor is happy with your performance and wants to reward he/she will first contact the assigned staff member before doing so. Treat the e-mentor as the gift and do not expect any other gifts.

15. Once a healthy relationship is built through emails, you will be asked to use IM and VOIP. Never misuse these opportunities.

We thought of publishing the guidelines online so that the other students in Sri Lanka also can be benefited through similar schemes.


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