Windows XP

12 hours

  1. Identify the various hardware and software components of a computer
  2. List input devices, output devices, input/output devices, processing device, and storage devices
  3. List different categories of software
  4. Identify various icons displayed on the desktop
  5. Identify the components of a desktop
  6. Configure the desktop environment
  7. Work with WordPad application
  8. Organize files and folders
  9. Open, rename, move, delete, close and compress files

Microsoft  Word 2003

8 hours

  1. Explore the Word window
  2. Create and save documents
  3. Use the Help system
  4. Edit documents
  5. Move and copy text
  6. Format characters and paragraphs
  7. Create and manage tables
  8. Control page layout
  9. Proof and print documents
  10. Save documents as Web pages

Microsoft Excel 2003

8 hours

  1. Explore the Excel Window
  2. Enter and edit data
  3. Modify a Worksheet
  4. Use functions
  5. Format worksheets
  6. Print worksheets
  7. Create charts
  8. Save workbooks as Web pages

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003

8 hours

  1. Explore the PowerPoint Environment
  2. Build New Presentations
  3. Format Slides
  4. Use Drawing Tools
  5. Work with Graphics
  6. Use Tables and Charts
  7. Modify Presentations
  8. Proof and Deliver Presentations

Microsoft Outlook 2003

8 hours

  1. Use Outlook environment
  2. Handle e-mail messages and accounts
  3. Manage e-mail messages
  4. Manage contacts and categories
  5. Manage tasks
  6. Work with appointments and events
  7. Work with meetings and requests
  8. Customize Outlook

Microsoft  Access 2003

8 hours

  1. Explore the Access environment
  2. Plan and design databases
  3. Organize records
  4. Set data entry rules
  5. Create and use queries
  6. Use forms and working with report

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