Driving Directions to Horizon Lanka Academy


Horizon Lanka Academy
No: 101,
Left Bank
Sri Lanka

1. from Colombo to Anuradhapura
There three main routes you can approach Anuradhapura
Colombo – Anuradhapura road through Putlam
Colombo – Anuradhapura road through Kurunegala and Ella
Colombo – Anuradhapura road through Kurunegala and Dambulla
Colombo-Anuradhapura road through trough Kandy and Dambulla

2. from Anuradhapura to the Horizon Lanka Academy
Turn to Maithreepala Senanayake Mawatha at the intersection near the Police station (to the right if you are from the Market direction, to the left if you are coming from the new bus stand direction)
Go straight passing the Dagaba ”Mirisawetiya”
Turn left at the Main Sluice of the Thisawewa reservoir and go up to
Pemaduwa town.

3. from Paemaduwa to Bogas Handiya

Both ways lead to Bogas Handiya
Go straight through the Mahavilachchiya Reservoir to Bogas Handiya.
Turn right at Pemaduwa and turn left at Tract Four Junction and then turn left to Bagas Handiya
From Bogas Handiya you can ask anyone where Horizon Lanka is and they will guide you.


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